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Priyank Chohan

Priyank Chohan

Fitness Trainer

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My Philosophy

It is my career purpose to enhance the quality of leadership in the health and fitness industry by providing students with knowledge, training, and resources necessary for them to explore their dreams and aspire to their goals. Teaching is my strongest passion, and I consider it my responsibility, as a true educator, to develop educational literature, seminars and courses for both the public and fitness professionals that are informative, up-to-date, entertaining, and well researched.

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Priyank Chohan is an ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) certified fitness intructor. He has an outstanding understanding of the human body in its physical aspect through his Advanced Health and Fitness Diploma. Unlike many other fitness instructors, Priyank has gained 15 years of raw leadership experience and a solid 10 years worth of experience for specializing in clinical exercise and post injury rehabilitation which sets him apart from any competition. This excellent combination results in Priyank Chohan who is willings to help you reach new heights physically. As your fitness instructor, Priyank can help you look better and feel better whether you train as an individual or as a group.

Be Your Best

A healthy lifestyle is a critical component of my corporate success and a foundation of my daily routine. At 6 am I arrive into the Twist Sport Conditioning Centre to workout alongside the active adult clients who train with Twist coaches to feed their competitive spirit, diverse recreational pursuits and fast paced lifestyles. My workout is based on the Twist training paradigm and focuses on whole body, multi-joint lifting integrated with dynamic movement and variable balance challenges. The exercises have been created to challenge both the body’s hard drive (muscles, heart, lungs) and software (brain and nervous system that commands the muscles) to build Smart Muscle™.

My favourite tools include the SMART Toner™, SMART Balance Board™, TRX™, BOSU®, Twist ABS Stability Ball, Olympic bars and plates – my body and mind is my machine. The tempo is high and the results phenomenal as I am now at 45 arguably in the best shape of my life. My workout done, I go back home to have breakfast with my two daughters, ensure they walk to school and head back to the office for the day.

After work I enjoy a trail run in the rainforest to soak up some of the best scenery in Canada. This is an environment that challenges my physicality, feeds my spirit and gives tremendous energy. My most invigorating routine is a power hike up a steep mountain ascent, then, with my dogs ready, we race down the mountain faster than a mountain biker, essentially skiing off the ground, jumping from contact to contact point straight down the mountain. Exhilarating, and sets the tone for how to attack life in general. I also take many of my adult clients and young athletes out of the SCC and into the mountains to hike, mountain bike, ski and snowshoe, where they see the results of their training in real life application and continue to make the positive link between exercise and enjoyment in activities they love.

Much of my business and personal life today has been influenced by my parents who dedicated time and love to our whole family. My father was an active hockey coach in our community and was instrumental in my success as an elite hockey player allowing me to play at the Jr. A and Varsity level at two major Canadian universities. My mother supported everything that I pursued and encouraged me with every step of my youth into adulthood. The values and ethics that lead my business and personal life stem from such a solid family life.

When I entered post graduate study in university, my goal was to become a hockey coach but with my interest in fitness and kinesiology I made the natural shift to a conditioning coach position to help individual players improve. In a time when professional athletes simply played the game, proposing additional sport specific conditioning seemed ludicrous. Securing a job with the Vancouver Canucks professional hockey organization gave me the opportunities to train world class athletes and develop a distinct training style that was directly related to the demands of the game and, as opposed to primary goals of health or appearance, my mandate was to improve athletic performance. With constant retooling, the Twist sport conditioning paradigm that is taught world wide focuses on developing the secondary components of fitness including balance, speed, agility, quickness, multi joint strength, neuromuscular reactivity, deceleration, movement patterning, power and anaerobic energetics. Concepts that came from the sport of hockey, have now been transferred into training athletes of all sports, ages and abilities because the focus is on developing “athleticism”. I have programmed this into level appropriate functional exercise for young kids, aging boomers, rehab applications, school curriculums and active adults who get inspired by the opportunity to perform better in their worlds, gaining self efficacy, enjoyment and a positive connection to exercise.

Give Energy

The main drivers in my life are passion, energy and education. I view each day as an opportunity to be positive and to create a great environment for those around me to get the most out of each day. At Twist Conditioning we operate on a “There are no limits to what you can achieve!” philosophy and passion for sport conditioning is the magnet that draws my team together. I surround myself with like minded people who are willing to give positive energy to others and distance myself from those people in our world who take energy, focus on materialistic things and consume life rather than live life. I have a deep connection to the environment and to nature that feeds my spirit and helps me be a person of substance who is willing to nurture, love, mentor, respect and honour colleagues, friends and family. Much of my success stems from a constant desire to learn. My philosophy is that everything I know is or may be wrong and with that focus I strive daily to find a better way to train athletes. This focus on education has opened up opportunities to collaborate with exceptionally talented professional athletes, dedicated entrepreneurs, high profile coaches and various respected individuals in the sport and fitness industry. My personal goal is to have a positive impact on every individual from the inactive to the physically gifted, to help them discover the athlete within, enjoy how their body moves and to be inspired enough to dedicate time each day to improving their physical and spiritual tools. We at Twist are highly motivated to give kids a strong start to their lives and show adults that the physicality for a full, active and vibrant life is within their control and choices.

Educate and Inspire Others

With the strength of the Twist Conditioning team, I have been able to dedicate more time to the development of the sport conditioning industry and to spreading the word about functional fitness worldwide. I am an active member of the IDEA Advisory Board, and the Fitness Business Canada Advisory Board. I have had the pleasure of traveling internationally to present at IDEA, UK’s Fit-Pro and MultiTrax, Japan’s AIHO, Australian Fitness Network, SCW, NSCA, ACE as well as presenting within Canada with Can-Fit-Pro, SWIS, CPTN, BCRPA, MFC, SaskFit and AFLCA. I have also presented at various coaching conferences all over North America. I had the pleasure of being profiled in a Canadian feature reality TV show called Making the Cut where I evaluated and trained hockey players looking for a second chance at professional hockey. Along with live presentations I have had the privilege to author 10 books including 2 releases in 2007 (Strength Ball Training and Complete Conditioning for Hockey), and have published articles with the industry publications IDEA, Fit-Pro, PT on the Net, NSCA, Australian Fitness Network, Can-Fit-Pro, Fitness Business Canada as well as community publications including Hometown Hockey, Sports Camp Federation, Hockey Now, Impact Magazine, Canada’s Healthy Living Guide, Alive, Rinkside, Beyond Fitness, Get Out There, Adventure West, Play Your Game, Stack, The Province, and Making the Cut. Books have been translated to deliver education in Russian and Japanese.

Get Involved

As a proud member of the local Vancouver business community, I work hard to connect to my community and improve the lives of those around me. I am an active member of the BC Chamber of Commerce, North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce, Vancouver Board of Trade and the World Entrepreneur’s Organization. Twist Conditioning is a proud sponsor of the North Vancouver Minor Hockey Association, the BCHL, the BC Breakers, North Shore Female Ice Hockey, White Rock Christian Academy Basketball, North Shore Sports Awards, various local high school sports teams and we provide opportunities for local high school and university students with co-op work placements. We sponsor young athletes in financial need who themselves are making a positive impact in their communities. Giving back to local charities is also a fundamental part of our family philosophy as we support the Canucks Place Children’s Hospice, Greater Vancouver Foodbank, Purolator Fight for Hunger, Vancouver Literacy Foundation, Big Brothers Silent Auction, BC Cancer Foundation, MPS Cup, Collingwood Private School Gala, GoodLife Kids Foundation, sponsor children with World Vision Canada and donate and deliver food and toys to young families in need around Christmas. Each franchised Twist Sport Conditioning Center has similar grassroots involvements in their communities.

I would like to personally thank you for visiting the Twist team at our website and encourage you to visit us regularly to improve your sport conditioning knowledge and expertise so that you can experience the benefits of our Smart Muscle™ training style for yourself and in turn impact athletes of all ages. Together we can help them “discover the athlete within”, and ensure people of all ages know how to ramp up in life and be their best. Our adult clients do not speak about what their body cannot do because of age – they speak about what they can do – proudly boasting about the physicality and movement skills they do have with increasing age, gaining confidence and growing from the rich experiences their body can carry them through. They then demonstrate the human potential to young kids and role model the exercise, nutrition, lifestyle and attitude their kids will adopt to become their best. Our clients and customers are positive drivers in their families and their communities, live full and fulfilling lives by nature of their own choices and actions. This community of like minded people connects, shares, learns and inspires at Twist Conditioning. Join us!

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